Budget Motor Sport

Clubsport news is a monthly magazine aimed purely at the clubman. It is put together by the husband and wife team of Steve and Trina Russell. Who are out week in and week out covering the grassroots motorsport events.

It is not a high street publication and we cant compete with the big boys on the shelves at your local Whitcoulls store, But what we can offer is coverage of grassroots motorsport, concentrating mainly on rallies, rally sprints and hill climbs, with some track events also on the menu. It is early days and the magazine is still in it s infancy stage. At the time of writing ( January 2008) this will be the 18th edition of the mag.

At the moment the area we are covering is from Northland to Wellington with the help of Bryan and Andrew Schlup,  we would like to broaden our horizons into the South Island and are always on the lookout for contributors, so any budding journalists or photographers wanting to have a go then drop us a line.

The magazine is only available through subscriptions at the moment, the form being available under the subscriptions tag, simply click on for form and all relevant information will be displayed.

The inspiration for the magazine developed from being competitors and spectators on clubman’s events, and the lack of coverage for probably the most enthusiastic bunch of people involved in motorsport. No coverage or recognition for probably the biggest number of competition licence holders was a “bit off”!

Sure, all the local car clubs produce their own mags and newsletters for their own members and there are several publications covering the “Top guys, on top events”, and they do a great job. But we felt that there was definitely a gap in the market and this is what were about, you guys, Clubman and Clubwomen on club events.

We aim to cover events, with reports, pictures and results, profiles on clubmen, the odd report on a competitors car, a regular what’s on page and in fact your regular magazine content but, as we keep stressing, aimed purely at your regular clubman.

We are not trained journalists or photographers, we are not University educated and don’t hold any diplomas or degrees. What we do have, just like you guys is enthusiasm. We hope that this comes through in the magazine and that you enjoy reading Clubsport News.

Car Insurance Policy

Potential Discounts That You May Be Able to Get for Your Car Insurance Policy

You might have heard about car insurance discounts, but if you are like a lot of drivers, you might have never thought about actually asking for them. Some people assume that their car insurance company will automatically give them or tell them about discounts that they might qualify for, but this is not always the case. Therefore, it’s always a good idea to inquire about any discounts that you might be able to get so that you can save money on your policy premiums. These are a few of the many types of discounts that are out there.

Military Discount

If you or someone who is listed as a driver on your car insurance policy is currently in the military or if you are retired from the armed forces, you might be able to score a discount for your service.

Discount for Working for Certain Employers

Did you know that some companies have direct relationships with insurance companies — such as if it’s the company that the company’s commercial car insurance policy is through — and can thus score their employees discounts? This is usually only the case for bigger companies, but it’s worth asking either your insurance agent or someone from your human resources department about it.

Good Grades Discount

If you are a high school or college student, or if one of your kids is and is on your policy, you may want to ask your insurance agent if your Youi insurance company offers a discount for good grades. If this is the case, sending in a copy of you or your child’s report card or college transcript might help you qualify for some savings on your premiums.

Defensive Driving Class Completion Discount

Have you recently taken a defensive driving course? Are you willing to take one of these courses so that you can freshen up your driving skills, gain confidence behind the wheel and potentially save money on your car insurance? If so, consider asking if you will get a discount for completing a qualified class.

As you can see, there are various discounts available on car insurance. In fact, these are just some of the many discounts that the big insurance providers offer. If you ask your insurance agent, you can find out more about the discounts that are available, and you can find out if you qualify for any of them. Then, you might just save some money on your insurance.